I won the TEDxStockholm Idea Search!


I won the TEDxStockholm Idea Search!

5 min read by Chris Rodriguez

What a weekend, not only did I get into the top 5 finalists, in the TEDXstockholm Idea Search 2022, but I also WON. How did I end up here?

The panic of applying

It took until the very last day of the deadline to decide that I was going to send in my idea. Doubt and fear of rejection were worrying me. Is my idea good enough, is it interesting?

But I did it, and now I'm here!

The 59-second Idea Search pitch needed 2 things:

1) An idea worth spreading,

2) Why you should be the one speaking about it.

My idea was, your job is not your identity, but why does losing your job feel like losing yourself? Why me? Well, you have to just see my 59 second pitch 😄.

My takeaway

To anyone doubting if you should apply or not, here is my advice: Don't count yourself out, get a second opinion.

Theodore Sturgeon once said that 90 percent of everything is "crap". The trouble is, we don't always know what's good and what sucks. That's why it's important to get things in front of others and see how they react.

I hope I've inspired more people to dare to share your ideas, It might lead you to a TEDx speaking event!

What happens now?

People have asked me, what happens now? Will you enter the "Big" TEDxStockholm stage? All five finalist is on the shortlist for future events. Crossing my fingers that the stars align and that there is a big interest in our talks!


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