The Dunning-Kreuger Effect


The Dunning-Kreuger Effect: Now You Know How Little You Actually Know!

5 min read by Chris Rodriguez

About The Tool

Congratulations, now you know how little you actually know! The more I work as a Scrum Master and in Agile transformations, the more I realise how complex this line of work is.

Confidence is great to have, but self-awareness is everything. For you to learn a new skill, you first need to be aware of your capabilities. The Dunning Kruger Effect, helps me to navigate my own capabilities.

The DK Effect teaches us one important insight, when we're not good at a certain task, we don't know enough to accurately assess our ability. As a consequence, your inexperience casts the illusion of expertise.Do you tend to overestimate your own abilities? 🤔

How to Use The Tool

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